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Today I created a new version of my “Camouflage” installation at a petite, rusty waterfall named “Devil’s Kettle” in the Blue Hills. The movement of the water reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy’s green leaf chain, so I decided to place my paintings in the water and photograph them as they moved. The way that the moving water arranged the paintings was exciting, it took away my control of the composition and relationship between the shapes. In the end they were pushed to a line along the edge of the pool. Here’s a video with the lovely waterfall sounds.

I’m planning to photograph the paintings during the three seasons. (Not including road construction) In August I photographed them in a summer landscape, I will have to wait a couple of months for the winter edition.

I spent the last week at the Visitor Center Artist Camp: Sustainable Practices Symposium in Ewen Michigan. This is a new series that came out of the experience, they are acrylic on Terraskin paper, installed along the trail near the campground.











We slept in tents and spent most of our time outside. Here’s a link to the residency.

Saturday was the opening for Intrinsic Terrain, a two person exhibition at the Lost Coast Culture MachineJannell Turner flew into San Francisco from Brooklyn and I flew in from Minneapolis, we rented a car and drove up the coast and through wine country to Fort Bragg. It was a fun trip, and the exhibition looks great. It was nice to visit with people who attended the show from the area. Now we have displayed our paintings on both coasts.

Intrinsic Terrain presents ideas of wilderness and environment in contemporary painting from a psychological viewpoint, using color and movement to manipulate traditional landscape views into an expression of a deeper state of being. The rugged and varied landscapes of the Northern California coast are the perfect setting for this series. The exhibition will be on display until February 22, 2015, and was facilitated by ArtShape Mammoth.

Gallery Dog, Virgil – A gentle giant


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While stopping at a scenic overlook we randomly met these two photographers, they took our portrait and let me snap this photo of them. I love it!




Microcosm II 24 x 30 in. Acrylic, carbon transfer on wood panel   Prints are available on 

I like my work to mean different things to different people, that’s why I usually don’t list the types of organisms or structures that are part of my paintings. But… spoiler Alert! Here’s a list of what you can see in this one. I love how the shapes and patterns of these small organisms mimic aerial views.

These are the carbon transfers from photos that I took in Northwest Wisconsin in the Blue Hills.

bracket fungus
club moss (lycopodium)

One of the source photos:


This painting (and myself) will be traveling to Ft. Bragg California in January for an exhibition at the Lost Coast Culture Machine. It is a two-person exhibition with Jannell Turner, who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Check it out! Intrinsic Terrain – January 17- Feb 22, 2015

Check out Jannell’s work here, It’s amazing!

Since I am a new lecturer of art at University of Wisconsin – Barron County, I had the opportunity to hang a show in the campus gallery. This is an exhibition of works on paper from the past two years. Some of the paintings were done during my time in Montana, others from the Anderson Center in Red Wing Minnesota, and the Golden Foundation Artist Residency in New Berlin, New York. I have to say that this is the first time that I have displayed my paintings in the presence of a grand piano and suit of armor. 

I’m looking forward to classes starting next week. I will be instructing Intro to Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design and Women in the Arts.

I would also like to share a link to a Studio Visit by Fresh Paint Magazine. 

Fresh Paint Magazine

I recently experienced the art scene in Bushwick for the first time.  I am part of the gallery affiliation program at Loft 594 Gallery, an artist-run gallery on Bushwick Ave. The group exhibition and conference was last weekend. It is incredible to be part of such an exciting group of artists who are in similar stages in their careers, a year or several years out of grad school and actively making  and sharing new work. While most of the group included artists who reside in Bushwick, or other parts of Brooklyn, there were several artists from other parts of the country, myself included.

Here is an excerpt from the press release. I included many links so that you can check out the galleries and artists who participated. The artists who I didn’t link to can be found at the Loft 594 website. 

Loft 594 is pleased to present “Material Disruption,” a group show
featuring the work of eighteen gallery affiliated artists. The pieces in
the show propose a dialog, presented as documentation of process, traces of
practice, and evidence of material manipulation. In these works, the
materials used and the concepts explored are inherently connected,
dictating the final product. Mirroring ideas surrounding technological
disruption, this show seeks to apply similar principals to the art making
process, inviting artists to realize moments of disruption that push their
work to another level. The show celebrates moments of artistic insurgency,
moments where new things can happen.

Two panel discussions open to the public accompany the show on Sat, April 5.

Process Versus Concept
The Spectrum between what you like to make and the images you want to
create. Moderated by Mark Sengbusch, (Artist and Arts Advocate),
panelists: Will Hutnik, Aubrey Roemer, Kala Jerzy.

Bushwicked: Art Our Way
With Bushwick’s ever expanding art community, this panel will bring
together local gallerists, artists and writers to discuss trends
specific to Bushwick.
Moderated by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, (Artist and Co-Founder of Higher
Yourself), panelists include: Jesse Martin (Honey Ramka), Katherine Aungier, (Harbor Gallery) Kikuko Tanaka (Momenta Gallery)

Artists: Sally Novak, Carlton Herbert, Jessica Mongeon, Jen Shepard,
Kristi Arnold, Caroline McAuliffe, Ceaphas Stubbs, E. Diamond Wilson,
Aimee Hertog, Judith Shimer, Nathalie Collins, Claire Breidenbach,
Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Lauren Underwood, Scott Robinson, Susan Luss,
Kenneth Browne, Karen Tiliakos
Curated by Margaret Coleman

594 Bushwick Ave, 2nd floor”




While in New York, I also saw the Whitney Biennial, “Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937” at Neue Galerie, and “Ink Art” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I will be posting about these shows soon.

I recently moved to North Dakota (my home state) and set up a new studio. I’m loving having a space in my apartment so that I can work whenever I want to. It is especially convenient to stay indoors, since there have already been four blizzards in one month. I am calling this time of transition after graduate school my Tundra Residency. In fact, as I write this post Blizzard Era Bell is giving us 50 mph winds and -45 degree wind chills. (The Grand Forks newspaper names the blizzards after local residents).

I’ve also started a drawing-a-day project for the year of 2014. I will be posting photos of these soon. 

Here are two of my most recent paintings in my new series based on snow piles in North Dakota. All of the “mountain ranges” that you see are actually photos of snow taken out of context and presented without scale indicators.


Grand Illusion 16 x 20 x 1.5 in. Acrylic, photo transfer on panel




Transience 8 x 10 x 1.5 in. Acrylic, photo transfer on panel



 My studio in a state of disarray. 



I love paint.


This is the Golden Self Leveling Gel with High flow acrylics dripped on top, gravity has done the rest. It is a great pouring medium and should dry clear.



First of all, Happy belated Halloween! These are the residents who are at the Golden Foundation this month. I’m in the center.

From left to right, Linda Mieko Allen, myself and Samara Adamson-Pinzewski.

Anyone know what we are? Scroll down for the answer!

A John Baldessari Painting! (or the primary colors)




These are two paintings that will be part of a fundraiser for the Phoenix Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. It is a one night fundraiser of 10 x 10 in. paintings and it takes place November 25th. The backgrounds are photo transfer from photos I took while walking the Chelsea High Line.

PaintingThis painting is 30 x 40 in. on panel with photo transfer and acrylic paint. The Purple and yellow spots are all paint.

IMG_4600Another project that I just started during this residency involves deconstructing paintings and weaving them back together. This is a completely new concept for me to be working with. I really like the 3-dimensional quality as they curl off the wall.

Below is my newest completed painting, it’s 30×5 x 40.5 inches on heavy LANA watercolor paper.


Applying stripes of paint with twine. AKA Whipping up a painting.


I’m participating in an artist residency in New Berlin, New York, through the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation from October 20th through November 16. My trip was also funded in part by the Montana Arts Council. I feel so fortunate to have a month to explore new processes, including all of the lines of Golden paints and mediums. I’m like a kid in a candy store here, it is truly an amazing place for an artist.

The new line of High Flow Acrylics has been working great for me. I’ve also started working on panel with one of the Golden custom products called Thick Gesso. I apply it with a palette knife and then sand it smooth when dry to create an even, somewhat absorbent surface. Another process that is new to me is a direct laser photo transfer using the soft gel medium.

Residency Barn  Residency Barn with apartments and studios

Golden Paints Studio2 window
The view from my studio window is gorgeous, even though most of the leaves have fallen. Panel Paintings Studio3